JR東海道線 名古屋駅(在来線)から近鉄名古屋駅に最短ルートで行く方法を案内した動画です。(This is a video that shows how to get to Kintetsu Nagoya Station from Nagoya Station (conventional line) on the JR Tokaido Line by the shortest route.)

0:00 JR東海道線 名古屋駅(在来線)ホーム
0:17 ホームから降りていく
1:01 「↓近鉄線」の案内板を見て、下に降りていく
1:26 近鉄名古屋駅(近鉄線連絡改札口)到着





(MAP)近鉄名古屋駅(Kintetsu Nagoya station)

(Points for transfer)
Transfers will be smoother if you board the vehicle near the end, starting in the direction of Maibara / Osaka.

Go down the stairs and turn left with Starbucks in front of you. If you go straight on the aisle, you will see the information board marked "↓ Kintetsu Line" in front of you, and you will see the escalator and stairs.

If you go down the escalator (or stairs), you will find Kintetsu Nagoya Station (Kintetsu Tie Line).The time required was 1 minute and 26 seconds.

* The "Kintetsu Line Transfer Ticket Gate" is closed after 23:15. During closed hours, there are routes such as "JR Hirokoji Exit" → "Kintetsu Line Underground Ticket Gate". (As of May 2021)

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