0:00 JR大阪駅2番線ホーム
2:01 JR桜橋口 改札を出る
2:28 地下への階段を降りる 
4:33 西梅田駅(北改札)※降車専用
5:18 西梅田駅(中改札)※乗車専用




JR大阪駅には多くの改札口がありますが、その中で最も西梅田駅に近いのは「桜橋口 改札」です。ですから、JRの電車を降りると、「桜橋口 改札」を出ることがまず重要になります

JR大阪駅2番線ホーム(大阪環状線外回りの電車が発着するホーム)からアクセスする場合、京橋・天王寺方面を進行方向として、後ろから2番目の車両に近い階段を降りていくと、「桜橋口 改札」まで近いです。

「桜橋口 改札」を出たら、右斜め前にあるコインロッカーの近くから、地下につながる階段があるので、降りていき、地下道を直進していきます。


(MAP)西梅田駅構内図(Nishiumeda Station)

This is a video that guides you on the shortest route from JR Osaka Station Line 2 platform (the platform where trains around the Osaka Loop Line arrive and depart) to Nishi-Umeda Station (subway: Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line).

(Points for transfer)

The more the word "Umeda dungeon" is used, the more complicated it is to transfer between Osaka and the Umeda area. Among them, the location of Nishi-Umeda Station is where many people ask, "Where is it?" And "I don't know how to access it at all."

Nishi-Umeda Station is the starting point of the Yotsubashi Subway Line (Osaka Metro), and is geographically close to Kitashinchi Station.

There are many ticket gates at JR Osaka Station, but the closest to Nishi Umeda Station is the Sakurabashi Gate. Therefore, when you get off the JR train, it is important to exit the "Sakurabashi Exit ticket gate".

When accessing from JR Osaka Station Line 2 platform (the platform where trains around the Osaka Loop Line arrive and depart), head toward Kyobashi / Tennoji and go down the stairs near the second vehicle from the back. It is close to the ticket gate.

When you exit the "Sakurabashi Exit Ticket Gate", there is a staircase leading to the basement from near the coin locker diagonally to the right, so go down and go straight on the underpass.

When you enter the spacious concourse where the road divides in four directions, go diagonally forward to the right and you will see the ticket gate of Nishi Umeda Station. However, the ticket gate (north ticket gate) is exclusively for the exit, so when boarding, go around and board from the "middle ticket gate". There is also a ticket office nearby.

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